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Friends Of Lake Ouachita Agreement Changes After USACE Legal Review  (Release no. 13-103)
Sept / 2013. Read Story

 After a C.O.E audit it was determined the Friends Of Lake Ouachita owes the U.S. Treasury $152,000.00 - as was found from the Core of Engineers audit results.

At the January 5, 2015 meeting of the Lake Ouachita Citizens Focus Committee, Rick Stokes stated two meetings had been held in regards to the FOLO audit, the Corps has informed FOLO if they wish to donate the equipment, the Corps will accept the items, but the donation will not relieve FOLO of paying the $152,000.00 owed to the Treasury as was found from the audit results.
Rick continued in saying that after a discussion with Colonel John W. Cross, Commander, Vicksburg District and Mr. Johnny Kiser, Chief, Project Resources Management Branch, FOLO has prepared another letter addressing the results of the audit’s findings and that the Corps could offset the money supposedly owed to the Treasury, with the $189,000 worth of items FOLO purchased for the recreation areas during the established agreement.

Arnold Habig recommended disbanding the LOCFC and revert all former LOCFC members as FOLO members instead.
No action was taken on Arnie’s recommendation.

 The audit report indicates that FOLO will be required to return $184,589.00 to the U.S. Treasury for the use fees collected since the beginning of the Cooperative Joint Management Agreement with the Corps.

This amount would be due only if FOLO chose not to donate the playground equipment installed at the Crystal Springs Recreation Area.
However, if FOLO chose to donate the playground equipment, which as part of the audit, the Corps had depreciated the value of the playground equipment, then FOLO would be required to return $152,844.00 of the use fee funds collected during the agreement.


Where does the money go when you pay to rent a campsite or launch a boat on Lake Ouachita?

 Since the US Army Corps of Engineers is part of the Department of Defense. All of the user fees collected at all Corps parks across America are required to be forwarded to the General Treasury.
None of the fees remain at the park where the fees were collected.


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