Lake Ouachita Citizen Focus Committee

Lake Ouachita Citizen Focus Committee, established June 2001 as a Federal Lakes Demonstration Program initiative pursuant to authority derived from the Federal Lakes Recreation Demonstration Laboratory Program.

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The Committee meets the second Tuesday of every month at the Lake Ouachita Project Management Office
1201 Blakely Dam Road, Royal, AR
(501) 767-2101.

Lake Ouachita Citizen Focus Committee was established and is sponsored by the Vicksburg District, US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) District Commander Colonel Jeffrey R. Eckstein.

Mission of the Lake Ouachita Citizens Focus Committee

The mission of the Lake Ouachita Citizens Focus Committee is to review local discretionary initiatives and provide constructive feedback so as to enhance management of Lake Ouachita thereby benefiting the human and non-human populations whose quality of life depends upon the Lake.

In October 2007, the third trail segment of the LOViT was started. Enthusiastic Traildog volunteers supported by construction teams from the USFS and USACE used one piece of excavating equipment from the USACE and two trail diggers leased through donations from trail patrons to FOLO. Due to the rapid rise in elevation, this 4.O-mile segment has been by far the most difficult to construct. It was, nevertheless, completed in record time in late February 2008. Through dedication, perseverance and extraordinary cooperation the LOViT is now 16 miles of hiking and biking trails blazed throughout, with trailhead and directional signs. The LOCFC worked with its partners to construct 12-foot path bridges, install 22 benches arrange for trailhead parking lots, and reconfigure portions of the trail to add several spectacular remote vistas.

The Lake Ouachita Vista Trail is a stellar example of what partnerships can do in creating an exponential multiplier affect through coordination and the managed use of funds.

The following grants have been received:

$57,000 in Recreational Trails Program funds in 2006 for the hiking/biking trail
$30,000 Recreational Trails Program funds in 2006 for the accessible trail
$10,000 USAC 'Handshake Partnership" in 2006
$25,000 USFS in 2007 for a SCA team on the second leg of the LOViT
$150,000 AGFC in 2007 for the ADA Watchable Wildlife trail
$59,400 Recreational Trails Program funds in 2008 for the LOViT and Lake Ouachita Vista repair.
In kind services amount to $353,420
Donations of $9,500 have been received for memorial benches.
AHTD has donated land as well as a $360,000 highway bridge that had been replaced on hiway 270.
$5,200 received from the Lake Ouachita Resort Owners, the Mount Ida Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Montgomery County Health Education Advisory Board.
Volunteers have worked 2,390 hours which has an imputed value of $28,680.

To date, the LOCFC has garnered $928,500 for planning installation and enjoyment of the LOViT system.

The USACE has developed trail maps and the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism has included LOViT in its brochure about trails in the area.

The LOCFC is working with students attending the Mountain Pine High School to create a 3 D virtual trial map to be placed on a webpage.

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Lake Ouachita Vista Trail System

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