Lake Ouachita Citizen Focus Committee By Laws

The By Laws of the Lake Ouachita Citizen Focus Committee.

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Article 1. - Members;    Article 2. - Officers;     Article 3. - Meetings   Article 4. -  Subcommittees   Article 5. - Miscellaneous


  • 1.01
     Number, Appointment, and Term:
    • The Lake Ouachita Citizens Focus Committee (CFC) consists of 15 Members, appointed for an indefinite term by the Vicksburg District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE), Park Manager, Lake Ouachita Field Office (Park Manager).
  • 1.02
    • Members must be 18 years old and must have filed a CFC application with the Park Manager.
  • 1.03
    Standby List:
    • CFC applicants will be placed on a Standby List from which Members will be selected and which will serve as a source for Sub committee members. The Park Manager will annually review the Standby List to maintain accuracy.
  • 1.04
    • Any Member may resign by filing a written resignation with the Park Manager.
  • 1.05
    • If any member misses three (3) consecutive regular meetings, a vote will be held to determine whether or not the individual will continue to be a Member. The Chairperson will notify any Member who has missed two (2)consecutive regular meetings of this provision.
  • 1.06
    Vacancy Appointments:
    •  The Park Manager will fill vacancies from the Stand by List established in
  • Compensation:
    • Members and Subcommittee members will serve without compensation.


  • 2.01
    Election and Tenure:
    • Officers will be nominated and elected annually at the June and July meetings, respectively and may not serve for more than two (2) consecutive years. Elections shall be by secret ballot.
  • 2.02
    Chairperson: (current chair)
    • The Chairperson will:
      • (A) preside at CFC meetings;
        (B) consult with the Park Manager about agenda matters;
        (C) counsel with Members about meeting attendance;
        (D) make suggestions and recommendations to the CFC.



  • 3.01
    Regular Meetings:
    • Regular meetings will be held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Lake Ouachita Project Management Office and will commence at 7:00 P.M.
  • 3.02
    Special Meetings:
    • Special meetings may be held at the discretion of a majority of all Members and/or the Park Manager.
  • 3.03
    Meeting Agenda:
    • The Park Manager will prepare an agenda for each meeting after consultation with Officers.
      A copy of the agenda will be mailed to Members at least seven (7) days prior to each meeting.
      Anyone wanting to place an item on the agenda should submit the request and supporting documents to an Officer or the Park Manager at least 14 days before the requested action date.
  • 3.04
    •  If a personal appearance is on an agenda, identified individuals may make a presentation and discuss relevant matters at the pleasure of the CFC, otherwise participation is limited to Members and the COE.
  • 3.05
    • Only Members may vote on matters before the CFC. A Member may vote on any agenda item by proxy, provided such proxy is in writing and is filed with an Officer or the Park manager prior to the vote.
  • 3.06
    Quorum and Necessary Majority:
    • Any meeting may be conducted without a quorum, but a minimum of eight (8) affirmative votes is required to carry any nonprocedural motion. Other matters will be determined by a majority of Members present.
  • 3.07
    Nonprocedural Matters:
    • Nonprocedural matters include
      • (A) Elections
        (B) Policy establishment
        (C) By law amendment and
        (D) Other matters as determined by a majority of all Members. A vote on a nonprocedural matter will be scheduled on the agenda for the regular meeting immediately following passage of a motion stating the appropriate question.



  • 4.01
    • In order to broaden the range of citizen participation; enhance the collection and evaluation of information relevant to certain projects; and improve deliberations, the CFC may delegate certain matters to Subcommittees for their
      review and recommendation.
  • 4.02

    • Concurrent with Subcommittee creation, the CFC will appoint a Member to serve as Chairperson. The Subcommittee may be requested to provide a statement of proposed activity for review and consideration by the CFC.

  • 4.03

    • Generally, the composition of each Subcommittee will include a minimum of two (2) Members. The Subcommittee Chairperson will select Subcommittee members with consideration given to, but not limited to, Members and individuals on the Standby List who have an interest in the Subcommittee痴 activity.

  • 4.04
    Subcommittee Meetings:

    • Subcommittee meetings will be held at the call of and subject to procedures promulgated by the Subcommittee Chairperson.

  • 4.05

    • Each Subcommittee will make periodic progress reports and submit a final report to the CFC in the COE Staff Study Format.



  • 5.01
     Bylaw Amendment:

    •  These Bylaws may be amended. Proposed By law amendments must be mailed to Members at least 14 days prior to a regular meeting or a special meeting called to consider By law amendment(s).

  • 5.02

    • The Park Manager will serve as CFC secretariat.

  • 5.03
    Repository of Records:

    • The Park Manager will serve as repository for CFC records. Records will be available for review during normal business hours at the Lake Ouachita Administrative Office, 1201 Blakely Dam Road, Royal Arkansas.

  • 5.04
    Legal Advisor:

    • The CFC will rely on the COE, Vicksburg District Office of Counsel for legal advice.

  • 5.05
    Adoption and Effective Date:

    • These By laws are adopted and become effective on the 25th day of August 2001.


Arnold Habig (Chair)
7309 Geronimo Circle
North Little Rock AR 72116
501-834-4660 (H)
590-0062 (C)

All Rights Reserved Worldwide


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