Lake Ouachita Crappie Identification Guide


Lake Ouachita Crappie Guide.
GPS Locations of Crappie Condos / Brush Piles

Black Crappie
Picture of Black Crappie
Other Names:
Papermouth, bachelor perch, specks, white perch.,   The Cajun name for crappie in  Louisiana, "sac-a-lait," translated as "sack of milk," is a testament to the fine white meat of the crappie.
  • Habitat:
    Like that of the white crappie, the black crappie occupies open water with submerged timber or aquatic vegetation in standing water bodies and slow-flowing backwaters of large rivers. However, the black crappie is less tolerant of turbid water and siltation.
    Average spawning water temperature: 58-64 degrees F
    World Record: 6 lbs. – Westwego Canal, Louisiana – November 28, 1989
  • Food:
    Feeds primarily on small fish such as minnows and young shad, aquatic insects and small crustaceans
  • Identifying Characteristics:
    Deep bodied and strongly compressed laterally like the white crappie, but has silver sides with dark speckles and blotches not arranged in bars and dorsal fin with 7-8 spines
  • Interesting Facts:
    Grows slower in length than the white crappie but is generally heavier at any given length.
    Female black crappie may spawn with several males and can produce eggs several times during the spawning period.

White Crappie
Picture of White Crappie
Other Names:
Papermouth, bachelor perch, specks, sac-a-lait,

  • Habitat:
    Open water in or near submerged timber or other suitable cover in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, and slow-flowing backwaters of large rivers
    Near vegetation and submerged woody structure in shallow water during spawning period
    Average spawning water temperature: 60-65 degrees F
    World Record: 5 lbs. 3 oz. – Enid Reservoir, Mississippi – July 31, 1957
  • Food:
    Primarily small fish such as minnows and young shad; also aquatic insects and small crustaceans
  • Identifying Characteristics:
    Deep bodied, strongly compressed laterally (slab-sided) Sides silver with 5-10 often faint, vertical bars
    Upper jaw long, reaching past middle of eye Dorsal fin with 6 spines
  • Interesting Facts:
    Nest in colonies in or near plant growth if available. As many as 35 nests have been reported in one colony. In suitable waters, natural reproduction of crappies may be considerable.

Lake Ouachita is located in Garland and Montgomery Counties, Arkansas,
13 miles west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Arkansas Striper Fishing


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