Lake Ouachita Stakeholders Meeting


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was the host to the 2nd stakeholders meeting Feb 06 2008

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Fulfilling a commitment to continue working with stakeholders, the Corps hosted a second partnership meeting on campgrounds at DeGray, Greeson and Ouachita lakes. The meeting is to come up with potential partnership options for the remainder of 2008.

Partnership means sharing of responsibilities to maximize both service and number of campgrounds open. By assuming some of the activities at the campsites, stakeholders free up resources for the Corps to open more campsites.

Ideas under consideration include leasing some campgrounds, revising some campgrounds schedules, adjusting service levels of garbage collection, security, water and electricity, partial openings and or combinations of all of the above. The options are designed to continue improving service within existing funding.

An earlier meeting between the Corps and stakeholders, including congressional staff; created a launching pad for a future solution.

A second meeting has been scheduled for February 11.

Interested persons can provide written comments and questions concerning the campgrounds to:

Brenda Meeks, Project Manager
Ouachita Project Management Office
PO Box 370
Mountain Pine, Arkansas 71956 

 IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 11, 2008
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Vicksburg District 

This partnering with impacted stakeholders should produce a better solution than the Vicksburg District could come up with alone,” said Col. Michael C. Wehr, Commander of the Vicksburg District.

The district had to close some campgrounds during the winter months in order to maximize service during the busier summer season. Most campgrounds will also be open, with limited servicing for the spring season beginning March 19. The current schedule is tentative pending the results of the stakeholders meeting.

For a full schedule go to  and click on
Arkansas lakes campgrounds”.

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