Lake Ouachita Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Nursery Pond.

The Lake Ouachita Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Nursery Pond is located to the west across the lake form the Corps Of Engineers Joplin Campgrounds in Campbell Hollow.

GPS: Longitude: -93.4668568  Latitude: 34.5850933

Construction was completed in 1971. It covers 26 acres.
Dam is earthen construction. Its height is 36 feet with a length of 435 feet.

Maximum discharge into the south fork area of Lake Ouachita is 1129 cubic feet per second.

Gates allow the pond to collect rainfall runoff in winter. In early spring the pond accumulates food sources.
Stocked fathead minnows begin to spawn and inorganic and organic fertilizers like alfalfa pellets, hay and cottonseed meal stimulate plankton growth.

By late May the pond is teeming with fathead minnow forage, enough to feed the 40,000 fingerling bass typically stocked.

The fingerlings feed until the minnows are exhausted and drain directly into the lake in early July.

As of 2012 the nursery pond is in a 3 year fish crop rotation.
Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and Walleye will be raised sequentially in the nursery pond, provided the hatcheries can supply the fish.

In 2010 - 200,000 walleye fingerlings were stocked from the nursery pond into lake Ouachita.

Striped Bass are no longer released via the nursery pond.

Striped bass are raised at the Hulsey Fish Hatchery fish ponds in Hot Springs and are delivered by fish hatchery trucks to Lake Ouachita.

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