Alabama Rigs Lake Ouachita

The Alabama Rig continues to be a lure of choice in Bass Fishing tournaments on Lake Ouachita .
Not since the Rapala of the 60's has a lure caused such a commotion on lake Ouachita.

The multi wired A-rig lure has sprung up under several names and shapes, Spindarella, Bass Frenzy Rig, Swimbrella,  the Swarm, Yums Yumbrella as well as the Alabama rig. The lure, which has three to five trailing wires to which lures can be attached, appears to be a school of fish swimming through the water and drives bass crazy.

Dominating many Ouachita Bass tournaments the light weight multi lure cast-able rigs are becoming the lure of choice.
You can attach your favorite trailers, swimbaits,  jigs, crank baits, spinner baits, soft plastic etc.

The Alabama Rig, or A-rig as it also is called, consists of an umbrella-shaped frame of multiple wires from which hooked lures are attached. It is designed to resemble a school of baitfish.

Versions of the A-Rigs have been used for years by Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Guides and anglers.

Since pro angler Paul Elias won a major bass tournament with 20 bass weighing over 100 pounds, the A-Rigs have been the hottest lure on the market.

The Alabama Rig, or similar variations, are producing winning totals in tournaments across the nation.
Other names I have seen for the Alabama style A-rigs are Dixie-Rig, Entyzer, GJ Umbrella Rig, Mad Shad Rig, Chicken Rig, Spinning Wizard and Hitchhiker.

Alabama Rigs have created controversy as some anglers view it as unethical and some states also don't allow lines with more than two or three lures on their waters.

It has been banned for use in Bassmaster Elite Series tournaments, but most bass tournaments allow it.

State by State Umbrella Rig Regulations Vary.
Always check your state regulations and restrictions for updates before using multiple lure rigs.
Use of Alabama type lures is a rapidly changing area of the law and the regulations in your state may have changed
 or may be changing soon.

Lake Ouachita is located in Garland and Montgomery Counties, Arkansas,
13 miles west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.
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