Steep Shoals Crappie Condo Locations Lake Ouachita.


GPS locations of Brush Pile / Crappie Condos Steep Shoals area.

Brush Piles In the Northfork  / Avant Area of Lake Ouachita.
Brush Piles in The Big Fir Area
Brush Piles in The Denby Area
Brush Piles in The Echo Canyon Area
Brush Piles in The Steep Shoals Area

Crappie brush piles steep shoals of Lake Ouachita.  

Lake DeGray Crappie Condos / Fish Shelters GPS locations.
Highway 7 Fish Shelter
Cox Creek Fish Shelter
Point Cedar Fish Shelter
Shouse Ford Fish Shelter

Images courtesy of United States Corps of Engineers - Lake Ouachita

Brush Piles in Lake Ouachita Hiway 27 areas.


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