Corps of Engineers Contribution Program for Lake Ouachita.


In order to make and the Corps to accepting gifts or donations to Lake Ouachita please referred to the Contributions Program for use at Lake Ouachita and other water resources projects/lakes, visitor centers and the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) Museum.

The Corps Contribution Program permits the Corps to accept monetary, material, or service contributions from non-Federal public or private groups and individuals in connection with carrying out water resource projects for environmental protection and restoration or for recreation. Whether in the form of cash, materials, or services, contributions have the potential to result in the sharing of project operational costs and to enhance the ability of the Project staff to better manage existing facilities in the public interest.

In this respect, contributions (including accepting grants) have the potential to enable the Operations Division to fund some programs and/or projects that, as a result of re-prioritizations, either have been deferred or delayed because of reduced Operational and Management (O&M) funds.

Only contributions that are consistent with the operation of the project may be accepted. All contributions offered will be carefully screened and evaluated for their suitability. No project or task will be initiated that is not in concert with the guidance and policy on the Corps Contributions Program.

The Contribution Plan is a mechanism for the water resource Projects, Visitor Centers, and the Lower Mississippi River (LMR) Museum  to receive funds, materials, or services from outside sources. This Vicksburg District (MVK) Contribution and Donor Recognition Plan does not preclude Projects from developing their own more specific or tailored plan.

Contributions can be used to accomplish tasks or projects for the protection, improvement, restoration, rehabilitation or interpretation of natural resources, environmental features, cultural resources, or recreation areas and facilities at water resource Projects.

The essential purpose of this plan is to provide a formal document that describes in general terms the categories or types of work that are eligible under the authority of the Corps Contributions Program. In conjunction with describing the general nature or categories of work to be accomplished, this plan will also address the general procedures and methods for receiving and accounting for monetary contributions.

Methods for providing recognition to contributors and acknowledging public support are included with examples.

Authority to Accept Contributions:

33 USC § 2325  authorizes the Corps to accept contributions of “funds, materials, and services…to share in the cost of managing recreational facilities and natural resources at water resource development projects.” Additionally, 33 USC 569c authorizes the acceptance of services of volunteers.

 The term “contribution” includes anything of value (funds, materials, supplies, or in-kind goods or services) received from an outside source without consideration or an exchange of value, but does not include construction. Funds of other items received as a result of competitively awarded grants from a foundation are also considered a contribution.

Read the Vicksburg District Corps Contribution and Donor Recognition Plan in Full.
November 2013



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