Fish Stocked into Lake Ouachita

The Arkansas Game And Fish Commission employees work hard to keep Lake Ouachita Stocked with your favorite species of fish.

Use of Lake Ouachita Nursery PondLake Ouachita Striped Bass StockingLake Ouachita Jim Collins Net Pen Area

Brett Hobbs said as of April, for the year 2016 the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission stocked Ouachita with:
• 350,000 fingerling Crappie have been stocked
• 164,000 adult Crappie have been stocked
• Walleye are being raised in nursery ponds to be released in May
• 121,000 striped bass fingerlings have been stocked
• 16,000 walleye fingerlings were stocked
• 25,000 adult channel catfish were stocked
• 56,000 yearling catfish were stocked

Stocking Fish Into Lake Ouachita

Bass Stocked into Lake Ouachita.  

Bass stocked into Lake Ouachita.

Striped Bass Stocked into Lake Ouachita.

Catching a Trophy Striped Bass






Lake Ouachita nursery pond.

The AGFC Commission consists of seven Arkansans appointed by the governor to seven year terms. An eighth, non-voting, member sits as Chair of the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville's Department of Biology.

It is the sole responsibility of the Commission to oversee the AGFC function as a wildlife management entity.

LITTLE ROCK - Arkansas Game and Fish Commission crews stocked over 1 million fish in Arkansas lakes and rivers during May, according to Mark Oliver, chief of fisheries. The total stocking of fish weighed more 147,300 pounds.


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