Lake Ouachita Adopt-A-Shoreline / Island Program


Here is your chance to help keep Lake Ouachita Clean And Green. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Ouachita, has developed and is implementing the innovated idea  “Adopt-A-Shoreline - Island” Program.

Individuals, organization, or companies will be able to select a portion of Lake Ouachita shoreline or an island and keep it free of trash, tires, cans, etc.

In an effort to reduce trash around the shoreline and on the islands the Lake Ouachita Corps of Engineers hopes to have areas of the lake “Adopted” and litter removed to enhance the adventures of visiting Lake Ouachita. Unlike some C.O.E lakes, Islands on lake Ouachita are open for camping.

You need to realize camping on the islands of Lake Ouachita is a privilege, not a right, and keeping the islands free of litter is critical in keeping them open for campers to enjoy.

According to the C.O.E. organization can pick up litter as many times as they think necessary to keep the area litter free. The Corps recommends an adopted area be picked up at least twice a year, one suggested pick up time is in September, which is “Keep Arkansas Beautiful” month.

The Lake Ouachita Corps of Engineers will furnish trash bags at no charge and help to remove the trash and other debris from a designated pick-up point If you are unable to dispose of the litter you have picked up.

You can contact the Corps of Engineers, Lake Ouachita Field Office, 501-767-2101, to coordinate disposal.

For more information on the “Lake Ouachita Adopt-A-Shoreline / Island” program, or to submit an application to Adopt-A-Shoreline / Island, please contact :

Lake Ouachita Field Office
1201 Blakely Dam Road
Royal, AR 71968


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