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Lake Ouachita Bass fishing was selected by Field & Stream magazine in the May 2006 issue as one of the best lakes in the country for "unbelievable Black bass fishing."

Alabama Rigs Arrive on lake Ouachita.
Japanese Art of Spybait Fishing

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10 pound Lake Ouachita Bass released.If you have never fished the Lake Ouachita before get a contour map. Learn where the River channel, Creek channels, pockets and flats are. For a fast lesson, charter one of Lake Ouachita's professional bass guides. Lake Ouachita has about 10% coverage of different types of aquatic grasses.  A black bass has a normal territory of approx. 1 acre, a lot of bass live out their life span in and around these grassy areas. When fishing the grass look for little points, indentions, cutouts and especially the edges. The Bass will usually be laying right on the moss edge primarily in 12 to 18 feet of water.

AGFC Hatcheries May, 2010:

Lake Ouachita was stocked with 96,000 Florida largemouth bass fingerlings in the Rabbit-tail / Buckville area.

Northern "native" largemouth bass fingerlings (61,800) were stocked in the Crystal Springs / Pollard Creek area last Friday. 

Lake Ouachita was stocked by AGFC with 136,000 reservoir strain smallmouth bass last week produced at the Andrew Hulsey Fish Hatchery and were about 1.5 inches long each.

They were stocked between Point # 1 and the Dam.

The Lake Ouachita Nursery Pond was stocked with just over 56,000 fingerling largemouth bass in early may.   These young largemouth bass will feed on abundant minnows in the nursery pond until all minnows are eaten which should occur by the end of June. At that time the pond and all of its bass crop will be drained directly into Lake Ouachita.   These Lm bass should be about 4 to 6 inches long when released.

New World Record Bass Caught in Japan.

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