Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management Plan Up Date Meeting June 2016


Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management Plan Up Date Meeting June 2016.

An invitation only Lake Ouachita Citizen's Advisory Group Meeting was held by the AGFC June 28th at the Mtn. Harbor Resort Conference room.

The AGFC Fisheries Division will be revising the Striped Bass/Hybrid Striped Bass management plan for state of Arkansas.

Striped Bass but no hybrid are stocked into Lake Ouachita.

Topics covered:

Spring 2016 Electrofishing
Spotted Bass minimum length limit.
Fish Cover Habitat work.
Smallmouth bass introduction.
The Smallmouth stocking will be suspended.

The Mean Mouth bass has shown up in Lake Ouachita.
(According to Brett  Hobbs Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Fisheries Biologist the Mean-Mouth is a cross (naturally occurring hybridization in Ouachita) between a smallmouth and spotted bass.)

Aquatic Vegetation.
Florida largemouth bass genetics
2007 -20010 Creel Survey.
Striped Bass age and growth rate.

The 2007 - 2010 Creel survey is being completed by Sean Lusk Biologist District 8.

A new 1 year creel survey on Lake Ouachita will begin September 2016 and will run until Sept 2017.

A study on Striped Bass growth using the Otoliths, commonly known as "earstones," which are hard, calcium carbonate structures located directly behind the brain of bony fishes is underway, Sean Lusk Biologist in Charge.

In Attendance From the Arkansas Game and fish Commission:
Chris Racey - Chief of Fisheries -
Asst. Chief of Fisheries Region 2 - Jason Olive
District Fisheries Supervisor - Brett Hobbs -
Fisheries Management Biologist - Sean Lusk
Black Bass Program Supervisor - Colton Dennis -
Black Bass Program Assistant - Jeff Buckingham -
Fisheries Pathologist & Genetics - Kelly Winningham -

Otoliths from 90 striped bass collected from Beaver lake for age analysis.
Sept 2015.

Preparation of Otolith Transverse Thin-Sections for Age Estimation of Striped bass.

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