Lake Ouachita Fishing Report

Lake Ouachita fishing reports you read are from yesterday and most are at least a week old or older.

Visit the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Fishing Reports for up to date weekly 2019 fishing reports for Lake Ouachita
You can call for up to date fishing information on Lake Ouachita call 1-800-ASK-FISH.

But Remember, the fishing reports you read or hear will give you a general idea of the mood and location of where the fish were and what baits were being used.
"You should have been here yesterday, yea right heard that song before."

Especially useful is the time of day, moon phase, depth caught lake conditions and water temperature, especially in the spring.
( Which you will notice are strangely absent from most Lake Ouachita Fishing Reports.)

So, pay attention to the weather information for Lake Ouachita, time of day, time of year, condition of lake, water temperature, water level, wind direction / speed and the solunar tables.
And know the spawning temperature and habits of the fish species your after.

Now your getting somewhere.
Now that you have done the above, add to your report the Best Time and Days to Fish solunar report and add the weather report for where your fishing.

Also you can check to see what has been Winning the Bass Tournaments on Lake Ouachita.

Keep in mind when you and I are out on the lake, yesterday and last week simply don't count.

Recently a client I was guiding was expressing a desire to move to a location on Ouachita that he had read about which related how the stripers were surface breaking and wearing the Cotton Cordell Redfins out.

He was right, except for the fact it had happened three days earlier and since the report we had tornados, heavy rain and the lake had come up 6 feet and the area where the fish were was so muddy you could see the coon tracks and the fish were long gone.

If you are a serious angler put your own fishing report together and be a step ahead of your competition.

You can collect data from the Lake Ouachita fishing reports in papers, magazines or on the internet and use as a as a tool in your tackle box.

Any time is a good time to go fishing.
I have never caught a single fish sitting at home.

I have fished on many occasions when all conditions, including fishing reports,  pointed to staying home and seemed to have fish jumping in the boat.

The #1 rule of Fishing Reports.
"Go Fishing" and create your own reports.

See You on the Lake.

Ben Sanders

By Ben Sanders Striper Guide Lake Ouachita
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