Lake Ouachita Fish Species


What Species of Fish can be found in Lake Ouachita?

Spawning temp for each Species of Fish

  • Bass
    • Largemouth Bass
      Smallmouth Bass
      Spotted Bass (Kentucky)

  • True Bass:
    • White Bass
      Striped Bass
      The Hybrid Bass is not stocked into Lake Ouachita.

  • Catfish

    • Blue catfish
      Channel catfish
      Flathead catfish
      Bullhead / Mudcat
  • Crappie

    • Black crappie
      White crappie 

  • Sunfishes

    • Bluegill
      Green sunfish
      Longear sunfish
      Redbreast sunfish
      Redear sunfish
      Warmouth / Goggle-eye 

  • Carp, Drum, Buffalo and Minnows

    • Common carp
      Grass carp
      Texas shiner
      Golden shiner
      Blacktail shiner
      Red shiner
      Fathead minnow
  • Gar

    • Alligator gar
      Longnose gar
      Shortnose gar
      Spotted gar 

  • Chain Pickerel 

  • * Rainbow Trout 

  • Walleye

  • Gar

    Alligator gar
    Longnose gar
    Shortnose gar
    Spotted gar 

  • Shad

    Lake Ouachita is located in Garland and Montgomery Counties, Arkansas,
    13 miles west of Hot Springs, Arkansas.  

     * No longer stocked.  Arkansas Striper Fishing


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