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Help Keep Lake Ouachita Clean.

We all enjoy being on and around Lake Ouachita for different reasons.
Maybe you're an angler, maybe you're a boater, or maybe you're a swimmer, diver, sunbather or hiker who likes to walk the trails around the lake.

It is important that while we enjoy Lake Ouachita, we do not love it to death by destroying its ecosystem.
So lets all keep Lake Ouachita Clean and Green.

Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) Enforcement & Compliance History for Lake Ouachita Online.
EPA Region 6 Public Information Center (800) 887-6063.

Outboard and inboard Engine Emissions are the #1 polluter of Lake Ouachita.
Do you Part Say "NO" to Trolling with Gas Motors on Lake Ouachita.

The effects of hydrocarbons and heavy metals on and their movements through the marine environment have generated volumes of material with particular relevance to possible boating impacts include the concentration of these substances through adsorption onto suspended particles and in the flocculent layers of bottom sediments; the persistence of these substances in the marine environment (Burns and Saliot, 1986); and their contributions to forming microlayers at the air/water interface. Von Westerhagen et al (1987) reported that surface microlayer materials significantly affected development and survival of marine fish eggs.

It is obvious that a high enough level of boating activity, there is negative effects on the marine environment and particularly at the more susceptible early life stages.

Carbureted 2-stroke outboard motors 4 stroke engines are the most commonly used engines on recreational and houseboats. Because of the way they are designed, 20 to 30 percent of the fuel used to power them never gets burned and is emitted into the water and air.

 Recognizing this problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developed regulations that require outboard motor manufacturers to develop cleaner engines.

These regulations will be phased in over a period of years, but the cleaner engines are available for sale now!

They cost a little more, but they burn less gas and are much quieter than the older motors. You can help reduce the pollution of Lake Ouachita's water and air by replacing your outboard with one of the newer 4-stroke or direct fuel injection 2-stroke outboard motors.  For instance, Evinrude was the first company to meet the EPA's 3 star emissions requirements for outboard motors, and they did it with 2 strokes

Use Cedar, redwood, cypress, recycled wood/plastic, and aluminum for dock and float construction. Treated Wood and painted wood have chemicals proven to be harmful to living organisms.

An Environmental Working Group analysis of tap water tests from 1998 through 2003 shows that customers of N Garland Co Reg Water District drank water containing up to 18 pollutants, including one unregulated contaminant.
N Garland Co Reg Water District

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