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Net pens on Lake Ouachita managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.The Jim Collins Net Pens located on Lake Ouachita are used by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission to grow various species of fish for stocking in Lake Ouachita as well as other Arkansas waters.
The Pens which are built in a cove of Lake Ouachita recently had hundreds of wild blue catfish eating the fish food that escapes the pens and have grown as large as 100 pounds.

The fish were eating about $200 worth of fish food each day, according to the AGFC warm water fish hatchery coordinator Don Brader.
They had learned to squeeze the net and push the food through the mesh so that it falls outside the pen.

They got fed twice a day so they don't have any reason to leave, he said. Since the net pens are located in areas where fishing is prohibited. We felt that the best way to get rid of these big catfish was to tray and move them to areas around the state where the public can catch them, Brader explained.

So the AGFC decided to capture the Big Blue Catfish that were tearing holes in the nets resulting in food and trout losses and move them into agency lakes around Arkansas and donating some to the Aquatic Resources Education Program.

During this time frame we stocked Carpenter Dam, Remmel Dam, Blakely Dam, Albert Pike Recreation Area, Entergy Park, Family Park, John Benjamin Park, and the Narrows Tail water area at Murfreesboro. We stocked approximately 106,500 rainbow trout into state waters this past winter. These fish are provided to us during early December by the Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery as 9-inch fish. We then raise them to 11-inches and then begin stocking them.

Catfish harvest Lake Ouachita net pens.The AGFC stocked the following lakes with the Giant Blue Catfish:

  • Lake Pickthorne
  • Little Rock Aquatic Resources Education (A.R.E.) urban ponds
  • Lake Pine Bluff
  • Lake June
  • First Old River.
  • Millwood Tailwaters
  • Red River
  • Clear Lake
  • Irons Fork Lake
  • Cox Creek Lake
  • Lake DeGray
  • Little Missouri River
  • Lake Ouachita
  • Sugar Loaf
  • Hinkle
  • Horsehead
  • Jack Nolen
  • Carol Cross
  • Lake Lou Emma
  • Lake Ludwig
  • Craighead Forest Lake
  • White River at Batesville
  • Lock and Dam #1
  • Lake Norfork
  • Paris City Lake
  • Harris Brake
  • Lake Overcup
  • Lake Conway
  • Lake Barnett


January Jan-Mar 2014 | Jim Collins Net Pen Quarterly Newsletter

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