Lake Ouachita Small Mouth Bass Transmitter Study


In 2016 the AGFC suspended the small mouth stocking due to low success.

Stuart Wooldridge, Fisheries Biologist, of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission and his staff along with the assistance from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff recently implanted transmitters into 63 adult size smallmouth bass from the Hulsey Fish Hatchery in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

These Small Mouth Bass were stocked November 10th in Lake Ouachita between Blakely Dam and Point marker #1.

The transmitters have a battery life of about one year, so the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission will be tracking their movements over that time.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission asked anyone catching one of these Small Mouth Bass with an antenna sticking out of their belly please release them gently back into the lake.

In additional to the small Mouth with the transmitters, 100 adult size smallmouth bass were also stocked at the same time in the same area of Lake Ouachita.  These additional 100 smallmouth bass have a hidden digital pit tag device implanted under their skin so the Game and Fish Commission can identify them when they electrofish that area of Lake Ouachita next Spring. 

Stuart said "These efforts will help evaluate the growth and habits of the smallmouth in Lake Ouachita".

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission ask anglers catching and releasing a small mouth bass to please send them a copy of the photo.



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