Lake Ouachita Purple Martin Watch Tours


Lake Ouachita State Park has initiated the Purple Martin Watch Lake Tours on Lake Ouachita.

From July through August Lake Ouachita State Park in Mountain Pine host the Purple Martin Watch Lake Tours.
You can join staff aboard a tour boat out to Bird Island to see the purple matins.
Contact the Lake Ouachita Visitor Center for more information.

Bird Island is Arkansas largest known Purple Martin Roost.
A purple martin staging colony on Bird Island on Lake Ouachita has increased from 8,000 in 2008 to 50,000 in 2009. The roost, could be Arkansas's last of significant size. Studying and documenting these birds became an important project of high school students at Mountain Pine, Arkansas. The teens have already counted the birds eight times documenting the number of Martins using the roost and successfully helped in attaining Important Bird Area Status by the Audubon Society. If funds can be raised the students future plans call for banding and tracking the Purple Matins migration to South America.

Bird Island GPS
N34 35.698'  W93 19.214'

Karen Rowe, Nongame Migratory Bird Program Coordinator Arkansas Game and Fish Commission
Hampton Wildlife Research Center
31 Halowell Lane
Humphrey, AR 72073
Phone: 877-873-4651
Fax: 877-873-4303
Cell 870-672-2279

Dan Scheiman, Bird Conservation Director, Audubon Arkansas


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