Storms Over Lake Ouachita


Lake Ouachita thunderstorms can get on you fast and can create microburst winds, waterspouts and lighting.
Microburst can have winds of 60 - 100 mph which can capsize a large boat.

Water safety begins by staying informed. Staying off Lake Ouachita during stormy periods is the best prevention from dangers of storms. Keep a radio that picks up weather broadcasts aboard your boat.
Mount Ida...162.425 MHz
Little Rock...162.550 MHz,

Storm Front over Lake Ouachita
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Strom coming in fast on lake ouachita

If you see lighting around Lake Ouachita Don't get on the water if you are on the water get off.
Storms on Lake Ouachita come in quick.
Water Spout on Lake Ouachita
Lake Ouachita

Video of Waterspout in front of Brady Mountain
Storm that produce waterspouts on lake ouachita.

Don't get on the lake if bad weather is forecast.      If your on the lake get off.

If you are caught outside during a thunderstorm   (See Lake Ouachita thunderstorms for more information)
the National Weather Service recommends these steps:

If you are in a boat with an anchor and there is no time to leave the water, anchor the boat, get as low as possible. If there is time get to the shore stay low.  If possible, get into a nearby structure or hard-top vehicle. Soft-top convertibles are not safe. Make sure all doors are closed and windows rolled up.

Do not touch any metal surfaces. Stay inside the vehicle or structure until 30 minutes after you last hear thunder.

Do not seek shelter under a partially enclosed building.

If no structure or vehicle is available, do not seek shelter under a tall tree. Avoid any tall, isolated object.
Lightning typically strikes the tallest object.

Stay away from metal objects such as fences, poles and backpacks. Metal is an excellent conductor.

If you're in a group that can't find protection, stay at least 15 feet from each other so the lightning won't travel between you if someone is hit.  

Waterspouts are simply tornadoes on water
Waterspouts form much differently.
Waterspouts can form beneath puffy cumulus clouds without lightning or thunder.

Even though waterspouts are usually weaker than tornadoes over land, they can be a real danger to boaters.

Waterspouts tend to come from clouds with a dark, flat bottom when there is just the first hint of rain.

If one heads your way, try to escape by going at right angles to its path.


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