Lake Ouachita Striped Bass.

Stocking of Striped Bass in Lake Ouachita started in 1956 when a forward thinking Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Biologist, Andrew Hulsey, Imported 27 Stripers from North Carolina.

In mid-April, 2015,  AGFC Fisheries Division started their annual striped bass project.
Adult stripers were collected by AGFC Fisheries personnel with gill nets from the South Fork of Lake Ouachita.
Netting was completed in four nights of effort, an unusually short duration for the netting broodstock collection portion of the project.
Catch rate (per hour of netting) was AGFC  lowest in three years but the unusual ratio of females to males (3:2) worked to their favor.

The AGFC return several female striped bass greater than 25 pounds to the lake which were not acceptable for spawning.

Larger striper females have a lower ability to produce abundant and healthy offspring plus they are hard to handle.

Preferred size females striped bass for the AGFC spawning project are 10 to 25 pounds.

Lake Ouachita Striped Bass Articles by JAMES K. JOSLIN
Staff Writer - Arkansas Online / Arkansas Democrat - Gazette.

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The Striped bass that were stocked in 1956 had more to do with controlling the Gizzard Shad than sport fishing.

 If left uncontrolled, Gizzard shad would overpopulate and grow to sizes to large for most fish to eat.

Since shad are filter feeders feeding mainly on zooplankton and if left left un-checked they inhibit the growth of other spices of fish in the lake that rely on the zooplankton in their early life stages.

The resulting growth of Striped Bass fishing that has brought anglers from all over the world to pursue trophy stripers in Lake Ouachita was a pleasant surprise.


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