Ouachita Mountains Around Lake Ouachita

The surrounding Ouachita Mountains of Lake Ouachita Forest provides excellent Hunting, Hiking and Sight Seeing opportunities.

The Ouachita Mountains that surround Ouachita, are generally characterized as folded ridges and valleys composed of Paleozoic rocks that rise up to 1,350 feet .

They are unusual in North America in that the ridges are generally aligned east to west, unlike the Rocky Mountains or Appalachian Mountains, where the ridges usually run north to south.

The most striking result of this orientation is that there is an extensive south-facing slope on each ridge that is exposed to the heat and light of the sun, as well as a north-facing slope that is protected from direct solar radiation and is consequently cooler and moister.

 The dry south-facing slopes are often covered with pine forests or woodlands, or even drier oak woodlands, while the moister north-facing slopes are covered with diverse hardwood forests.

The forest usually shift repeatedly from pine to hardwoods and back, moving from north to south. This is particularly apparent in the winter when the green color of evergreen pines striking contrasts with the brown of the leafless deciduous hardwoods.

Alternating layers of sandstone and shale are the dominant rocks underlying the Ouachita's. They are usually tilted, with erosion-resistant layers of sandstone forming the crest and one slope of a ridge.

 Rocks of other types are less extensive than in the Ozark Mountains, where limestone and dolomite underlie large areas.

 Hot Springs is the largest city in the Ouachita Mountains.

 Much of the Ouachita range is still forested, and a substantial portion is within the boundaries of the Ouachita National Forest, which covers almost half the total area.

The Ouachitas are also world-renowned for the quality and quantity of their crystal, formed as silica precipitated out of solution in hot water seeping through fissures in the surrounding rock.

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The Forest Around Lake Ouachita provide abundant hunting.