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Questions and Answers About Lake Ouachita.


How do you pronounce Ouachita?

"Washita" ( WASH-ah-taw )
Officially (WAH-shi-taw) but this always ends up Wah-sheet-ta.

Is Lake Ouachita a natural or manmade lake?

Man-Made, Created by the Corps of Engineers by Damming the Ouachita River.

When Was Lake Ouachita built?

Land Purchase started in the 30's, the Dam Construction started in 1948 and ended in 1953.

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How Big is Lake Ouachita?

Lake Ouachita (Officially Blakely Mountain Reservoir ) has 66,324 total acres of land and water.  There are 20,000 acres of C.O.E. land around Lake Ouachita. The surface area is  40,324 depending on Lake Elevation.

How Deep Is Lake Ouachita ?

Lake Ouachita averages 50 feet. Deepest spot of Lake being close to Blakely Dam little over 200 feet .

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How Many Islands does Lake Ouachita have?

Approximately 200 depending on lake level.

How long can you camp on Lake Ouachita islands?

As Long as you want, But you must be using the camp site on a daily basis, you can not set up a camp site and leave it unattended.

Where can you buy diesel fuel or get your diesel engine worked on close to Lake Ouachita?

Diesel Fuel can be purchased at the Brady Mountain One Stop Store on highway 270.

Where can you have your diesel truck engine worked on close to Hot Springs or Lake Ouachita.

R&M Diesel Services of Arkansas, Mobile Unit @ 870-941- 6160 can provide all your diesel repair or maintenance service.

How Many Marinas with fuel does Lake Ouachita have?

10 marinas 

How much does Lake Ouachita water level fluctuate yearly?

The Lake Ouachita water level will vary about 10 feet on average.
(See Yearly Water Level Charts)

What is the Record Water Level for Lake  Ouachita?

December 1982 the lake level was 590.1.

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What is the record low water level for Lake Ouachita?

January 9, 1954 lake level was 535.86 

Has the water ever gone over the spillway?

No. The 590.1 level in 1982 was close.

How big is the Dam on Lake Ouachita?

The Dam is 231 feet high 1100 feet wide and approx. a quarter mile long.

How Long is Lake Ouachita?

Lake Ouachita is approx. 36 miles Long.

What species of fish are in Lake Ouachita?

Black / Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, Crappie, Bream / Sunfish, Walleye, Catfish.
Click For more information on species of fish in Lake Ouachita.

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How many resorts are located on or close to the shore of Lake Ouachita?

Nine (9) resorts. See Lake Ouachita Resorts for complete list.

How Many Recreation Areas are there on Lake Ouachita?

There are 20

How Many Camping Sites at Lake Ouachita?

The number will vary due to different reasons - approximately 801 camping sites. 

How Many children's playgrounds with playground equipment?

5 playground with playground equipment are located around Lake Ouachita.
Please supervise your children while they enjoy the playgrounds.

How Many designated Swimming Areas on Lake Ouachita?

10 buoyed off designated swimming areas around Lake Ouachita.
Swim at your own risk - no life guards on duty

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Can you rent boats on Lake Ouachita?

Yes, check at the Mountain Harbor Resort and Marina.

How Many Boat Ramps are located around Lake Ouachita?

29 boat ramps 

Can you camp on the Islands of Lake Ouachita?

Yes Camping is allowed on the Islands of Lake Ouachita.
Always remember to Clean Up after yourselves,  Practice LEAVE NO TRACE CAMPING. Island Camping is a privilege not a right.
If the islands and shore camp sites continued to be trashed up - the public could loose this privilege.

Also campsites must be occupied, you cannot set up camp before a holiday or hunting season begins just to keep someone else from getting it, You must occupy the camp.

Lake Ouachita is Federal Land it belongs to all citizens of the United States.

Where can you rent cabins on Lake Ouachita?

Yes Cabins are available at The Arkansas State Park and Brady Mountain Resort

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How Many Striped Bass have been stocked into Lake Ouachita?

Click Here for a total from 1995 thru 2015
What is the best Lake Resort to stay at?

Mountain Harbor  /  Has been rated as the best.

Richardson Bottoms:
A 100-acre swamp that was flooded when beavers dammed a small creek.
Richardson Bottoms is located in both Garland and Montgomery counties in Arkansas. It is approximately 25 miles west of the junction of Arkansas Highways 298 and 7, or approximately 5 miles east of the town of Story on highway 298.

Are there Alligators in Lake Ouachita?
No reports of Alligators in Lake Ouachita have ever been received.

Thanks to Lake Ouachita C.O.E. field office. The Garland, Montgomery and Hot Springs county libraries. University of Arkansas @ Fayetteville and Henderson State University in Arkadelphia for helping with answers.

A Special thanks to Russell* and Emogene Loyd* who grew up on Farms now under Lake Ouachita.

Russell worked on the Blakely Mountain Reservoir project and also helped roll the Buckville Church up to its present location.
The Loyd Farm was located across from the Avant Recreation Area, Russell says when the water is low you can see the potato cellar in the side of a hill.

Russell celebrated his 90th birthday this past February 5th, 2008.
*Russell Loyd passed away March 12, 2008.
*Emogene passed away Aug. 28th, 2016

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