Trees and Vegetation on Bird Island, Lake Ouachita.

Bird Island GPS - N34 35.698'  W93 19.214'

Johnny Cantrell (retired) the Lake Ouachita Corps of Engineers for Biologist and Shannon Herrin walked the entire length of Bird island and compiled a list of the different plant species they observed.

Trees on Bird Island include:
Bald Cypress, Persimmon and Black Willow.

Shrubs consisted of:
Button Bush (locally called Buck Brush) which are the short, 4-5 feet tall, dark green oblong
leaf plants with the ball shaped white blooms with tentacle-like projections (they look like buttons).

Other plant species include:
Water Willow (low growth, single stem plants with dark green willow shaped leaves)
which may grow in or out of water as long as they are close to a water source.

Also found were several new Morning Glory Plants which apparently had begun to grow after the water
had receded from the highest points on the island. These will probably provide ground cover later on if
the water levels stabilize or continue to drop for a period of time.

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