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Lake Ouachita is managed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission as a Trophy Striped Bass Lake.

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If you have the patients and passion for pursuing large striped bass, then you know the first thing you have to do is fish the right water and Lake Ouachita is know as a freshwater Trophy Striped Bass Lake.
The AGFC manages Lake Ouachita for Large Stripers and that catching one of these trophies takes a lot of dedication and planning and patience.

If you want to increase your chances of hooking a trophy bass, then fish big live bait.

A trophy bass will find it very difficult to pass on a big shad.

Since Lake Ouachita is over 40,000 acres your best chances to start with is one of the striper guides.

Artificial lures can and do catch 40+ pound stripers, but for the best possible chance book one of the knowledgeable Striper Guides on Lake Ouachita that use Live Bait.

Lake Ouachita Trophy Striped Bass.

Carl with his 45 pound striped bass.
Carl with his 45
pound striped bass

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